Barbie Dolls, Pacing Oneself, and Festive Flower Arrangements

I ask you: Is there any woman in America who doesn't feel a little bit like Barbie here when it comes to Christmas? (perky breasts notwithstanding)

You know what I mean, feeling behind even before the month of December
is underway.  That sensation that your house should magically turn into a wintry Christmas wonderland as soon as the turkey platter is put up?

I blame it all on the retailers who sound the starting gun for the Christmas season just before Halloween.  Last year, I couldn't find Christmas lights
the week before Christmas.  They had long since sold out.  I should have planned ahead and bought them at Easter.

Now I'm not saying I don't want one wallop of a bottom line for everyone out
there peddling something this month, but I am trying my hardest this year to resist the temptation to freak out and go into seasonal seizures.

I want this Christmas to slowly reveal itself to me.  I don't want or need to gorge on it all at once.  I plan to pace myself.  Just a little nibble here and there before I tackle that big ol' entree, the Christmas tree.

To begin, a simple arrangement of seasonal greens and lilies.  I put this together on last Friday, and the two bouquets are now gracing
my living room mantle.

I just bought two gorgeous sprays of greenery from Sam's, a pretty little mix of shades and textures of green, and one bouquet of lilies.  

Then I added some arborvitae, vining Carolina jasmine, and those reliably festive nandina berries from my back yard.  I sprayed a select few branches with silver glitter paint, and VOILA two awfully nice, and pretty dramatic, Christmas arrangements.

Maybe not quite as dramatic as a Barbie doll dressed in nothing but twinkle lights, but still.

Oh, and I'll let someone else bake that intricate gingerbread house.  I'll happily go see it when it's done.

Would you like to see my mantle when the stockings get hung?  I think they'll look smashing with my simple lilies and greenery.

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