Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts...and Atticus Finch

It's not easy typing this message to you through teary eyes. For the hundredth or so time I am blubbering over the sheer magnificence and tenderness of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. Gets me every time. Makes me want to be a better person, to live life with the dignity and heart of these wonderful characters. Brilliant story, brilliant movie.

But I promised you Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas, and so you shall have them. For the past fifteen years or so, I have hosted the big Dinner at my home. I have a very Thanksgiving-y kind of house, if I do say so myself. But for many years prior I was "a guest". You know what I mean. The tag-a-long of college friends, girlfriend to a boyfriend, homesick waif in a new city, and finally, fiance to Husband.

In good form, I tried to always bring a little something. Here are some "little somethings" you might want to consider to say thank you.

If you have time and really want to impress, bake some of these delicious Maple Leaf Cookies, recipe compliments of Martha Stewart. I've made them a number of times, packaging them in glassine envelopes with a crafty/cutesy tag. Oh, and sprinkled them with gold sugar. Quite impressive. Be careful though. They sometimes outshine the pumpkin pie.

If you don't have time for such gift confections, how about a turkey of a different gilt? I received this Turkey Old World Ornament as a hostess gift years ago. Very appropriate, very on spot. They make a cornucopia too. Maybe a gift for the host as well?

Too glitzy for your taste? Wanting a country music style hostess gift? Steal this idea from a  girlfriend who brought me this great basket of Oprah's favorite sweet potatoes when  this Texas gal visited me on Halloween.  

I've been saving them.  For a Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Pie.

The BEST hostess gift I ever received was from my friend the Stevinator.  Last year he made me a beautiful, customized selection of Thanksgiving music on a CD. Think familiar music of all kinds evoking home, hearth, gratitude, family and friends.  It was the perfect gift for the perfect holiday.

  I love Thanksgiving.  Gift or no gift.

(And if for some reason you don't receive or read this message until after the big day, there's no rule that says you can't say thank you after the fact...especially if the spread was
REALLY good.)


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