November 7, 2010

Squirrelly Poll

Obviously, my dears, I have struck a cord with this whole nasty squirrel business. 

Perhaps I, to quote a former president, misunderestimated the vast reservoir of untapped, unexpressed anger out there for this most reviled  garden marauder.

Perhaps you would have preferred more graphic images of the hanging.  Perhaps I did not accurately assess your appetite for blood and gore      

 and flies.

But then, I am also mindful of your delicate sensibilities and love of natural beauty.

Then again, a hanging squirrel might fall into that natural beauty category depending on your point of view.

So I leave it up to you, dear reader.

To show or not to show graphic, candid dead squirrel footage.

Just let me know.

Thumbs up or thumbs down.

Please vote responsibility.


  1. This family votes two thumbs up!

  2. Thumbs up!

    I am fighting armadillos right now so I feel your pain.

  3. TWO thumbs up!
    Our squirrels rule our yard
    even WITH a gun (a bb gun but still...)

  4. I agree they are a menace! The taunt my dogs, dig holes and eat plants. I did find a way to keep them from eating my pumpkins...I sprayed my pumpkins with insect spray a couple times a week...they haven't touched them...and we have a lot of squirrels. Last year they took huge hunks out of my newly bought this year I covered them in bug spray and it worked!

    Happy Fall

    Miss Bloomers

  5. Squirrels are a nuisance, but I feel sad that this one died this way.

    This all reminds me of an experience I had at natural spring we visit in Idaho. Ducks and trout the size of carp idle constantly in warm clear water, living fat happy lives being fed by onlookers. One day in January, we visited and the whole area was besieged by shrieking gulls who wandered over from a nearby reservoir. They were buzzing us impishly, fouling the bridge, eating pellets and bread intended for the native fish. People spoke menacingly of popguns and salt pellets. Embracing the mob mentality, I picked up a piece of gravel and tossed it at a bird in the water, pegging its wing. It let out a squawk in pain and pulled up a pinched & contorted wing onto its back. As I watched it paddle in hurt circles, I felt ashamed.

    I would be a terrible hunter.

  6. Susan, yes, it's funny how we get so angry, and then retreat when
    we see the hurt. It is always so much harder when you see the suffering, isn't it. A lesson for life, without question.

  7. The squirrels lived in our neighborhoods a long time before we did. I enjoy mine. They don't bother me, my animals or my 4 bird houses. I feed them regularly and they eat at the same spot at the same time my birds do.


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