November 24, 2010

Setting the Table: Thanksgiving

I adore Thanksgiving.  You do too, I bet.  Of course I love the sentiment, the seasonality, the togetherness, the loving preparation of all of those sides dishes.  But allow me to be superficial and Martha-y for a moment.  

I LOVE to set the table for Thanksgiving. I love the inspiration stage, the planning stage, the  detailed execution.  I do it days before the BIG DAY so I can enjoy it longer.  All that crystal, all that linen, all that candlelight.  (Okay, I don't like the ironing and pressing stage.  Unlike my friend Sunshine who does.  Something is wrong with her, but I love her anyway.  I'm just full of love today, aren't I?)  I think about it all year.  Rustic or formal? What colors? What can I put to use from the garden?  What place settings?  What place cards?  And on and on ad nauseum.  Sometimes I do workshops on this topic alone.  Did I say I LOVE a beautiful table at Thanksgiving?  Oh, and the matching little satellite tables too when the crowd is large.

Here's a Thanksgiving table tableau for you, my dears.  All mixed up.  Images from past years and this year as well. Some of them not very clear. I didn't even bother to take the dates off the pics.  I thought you might enjoy that.  The white linen, malachite green china, gold leaf with sweet little homemade leafy place cards, centerpiece with kale and coneflower  (breathe)      is this year.  

Let me know which you like best, won't you?

Maybe it will give you some ideas for the holiday season ahead.  My little gratitude gift to all of you for your warm response to    
  P O T A G E R.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

p.s.  Just for the record,  I'm listening to the local news now, and I don't think earthquakes       and tornado watches  in OKC are very Thanksgiving-y.  I'm just sayin'.


  1. Hi Linda,

    Happy Thanksgiving...I must say I love the last picture so much! I have an attraction to topiaries and those little urns they are in are just wonderful! The red tablecloth and red walls with the candlelight just make me pretty! Love all your tables..the clean white tablecloths are gorgeous with the china you have chosen. Perfection!

    Miss Bloomers

  2. You outdid yourself with this one, Linda!!!! Beautiful! What's the name of the malachite china pattern?
    I've got one tip and one question. The tip is hang your tablecloths on pants hangers and avoid the ironing. The question is: doesn't the kale smell...uh...bad? My assumption is that you are such a brilliant gardener that you have found a way to grow non-smelly kale.

  3. Hey Suzanne! I can't remember the name, but it is a Christian Dior design. As for the kale, I got it at the florist (mine was too buggy). Must be a special variety, NO KALE SMELL. And thanks for the tablecloth tip....or I could just give them to Sunshine to iron. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Just as I suspected - as is true with all great china patterns, Replacements doesn't have it yet. BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO GIVE IT UP!!

    FYI, I am keeping this edition in my inbox along with the fall blue flowers one - both priceless.
    A very envious Suzanne

  5. Linda, I love your tables. My faves were 2009 & 2005. I have that exact same china pattern as 2005. Keep inspiring us, we can use that. Pat


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