Post Turkey Day Temperament

I am NOT someone who is brave enough to handle the crowds and mayhem of Black Friday, though I admire those who can wage such holiday guerilla warfare.  

I have been doing my value shopping on-line, and am now red-eyed, shoulder stiff, and bottom sore.  

And I just can't sit in front of this computer one minute more.

So don't expect a cohesive, sensible, comprehensive, step-by-step account of this past Thanksgiving.  

Still, I thought you'd enjoy some random pictures.......minus lots of the guests,
lots of the food preparation, and lots of the play by play action and after-gorge
groaning.  Just what pictures I had and what I had the patience to upload.

Oh, and I've been dealing with hateful, uncooperative, unnerving, *#%$ Christmas lights on my window wreathes this afternoon and I am feeling 
surly.  But not so surly that I won't share some images with you.

Because Thanksgiving was a really lovely day, and I don't want to diminish that just because I have a sore bottom and the post-Thanksgiving Sunday blues.

I bet this never happens to you, huh?

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