November 17, 2010

Life Interruptus, and, well, just life

Oh, my dears, you may be wondering if I have fallen into a big black hole.  No such hole, but I have come down with a severe case of Life Interruptus.  

I went back to Indiana last week thinking I would be celebrating my mother's 80th birthday.  

But, as often happens in life, there was a change of plans.

The handsome man you see here, my father and father of my nine siblings, ended up in a hospital bed, and ultimately, in another facility where he can get the care he needs.

Many of you out there have no doubt been through something similar.  Send me some loving vibrations, won't you?  And to my wonderful brothers and sisters as well, who, like me, are trying to navigate this stage of life with grace, understanding, wisdom, and humor.

I'll be back soon, my dears.  Thank you for caring.



  1. Sending loving vibrations your way! My father, who would have been 90 in September, died in March. He had been sick with cancer for 18 months, but fortunately a number of good months among those. My husband's parents spent the last three years of their lives in a nursing home. My husband and I both have wonderful loving siblings and together we and our siblings held each other up. I can't imagine going through this stage of life without my sisters and brother. Hold on to them and ask them to hold on to you - it will get you through. A suggestion - gather family photos from your siblings, scan them, and put them on a digital picture frame for him. We did that for my dad and it meant so much to him. We put it where he could see it at all times and left those good memories scrolling away. (I blogged about my siblings at

  2. Healing hugs and prayers surround you, Linda.

  3. It is the hiccups in the road that make us strong. Here's wishing all settles down and your dad will be healthy and happy. ♥

  4. My parents are in their late 80's and while they have been very lucky with their health so far, I am sure I am bound to go through something like what you are now experiencing very soon. Take care. Jennifer

  5. Linda,

    Sending you happy thoughts. Life can be so hard and sometimes sad...yet the phases we must all go throw are so inevitable...we have been through this with my husband's parents..they lived to 86 and 90 and were still taken care of at easy feat. My mom is in Florida in assisted care and I will visit her before the holidays...sometimes I wish for the days when we were all young again but I know they lived wonderful full lives and that I can rejoice in that. Now I try to make the most of the time I have with my Mom..hope you enjoy every moment with your parents! Best wishes,

    Sonia/Miss Bloomers

  6. I am so sorry... thoughts of comfort go to you and your siblings. Losing a parent is traumatic, but having one whose mind is traveling, is all the more so. My Mother managed to exit in a rush after we had enjoyed a glorious day together. With Daddy, I was not so lucky... Nursing home experiences are harder on us (I believe)than those who reside there. Hang on to your siblings; you are very lucky to have them.

  7. Linda
    We just went through this with Dad--a hospitalization and move to a different facility. How hard it is to watch them lose little pieces of themselves. And just as you adjust to the new normal, it changes again. We can only hang on to their moments of lucidity and power on, trying to figure out with the rest of the family what they need. Thinking of you and all the Moormans...


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