Life Interruptus, and, well, just life

Oh, my dears, you may be wondering if I have fallen into a big black hole.  No such hole, but I have come down with a severe case of Life Interruptus.  

I went back to Indiana last week thinking I would be celebrating my mother's 80th birthday.  

But, as often happens in life, there was a change of plans.

The handsome man you see here, my father and father of my nine siblings, ended up in a hospital bed, and ultimately, in another facility where he can get the care he needs.

Many of you out there have no doubt been through something similar.  Send me some loving vibrations, won't you?  And to my wonderful brothers and sisters as well, who, like me, are trying to navigate this stage of life with grace, understanding, wisdom, and humor.

I'll be back soon, my dears.  Thank you for caring.