Falling In Love Again

Just when I was at my whit's end with this old 1935 house and its litany of plumbing, electrical and mousey woes, it was Halloween and I, well, I fell in love with my house and neighborhood again.  So before I pack away the jack-o-lanterns, skeletons and skulls, I want to share some delightful images with you.

My friend, Sunshine, is the purtiest witch you'll ever see with black lipstick on.  Husband would agree, but he has his mouth closed.

 Her twin thinks so too.
L'il Sis, the baby nurse, will tell me she 'popped an egg' on this one.  Any baby crazy female will know just what she means.
Be still my heart.

 Halloween swarm.
Sunshine's husband, the Steve-in-ator (hey!  why didn't YOU dress up)
Double the heartache ----- so cute it's downright painful.

This year we MUST have set a record for the most tripped-out adults ever!
What happened?!  It was just yesterday you were trick-or-treating with my boys.  Now you've ditched them for what?  a girl!

No, this handsome guy is not James Bond. He's my nephew.  About to play a gig.  Every bit as cute as James though.

The wave of candy-obsessed kids went on and on and on, each one cuter than the next.

See what I mean about the adults?  Inspirational, really.

And the darling pumpkin caboose, traveling in style.

They got their candy fix.  This gal got her they are so cute, I can hardly stand it, can I just give them a little squeeze or nuzzle their little necks or rub their soft, soft bellies, or at the very least take their picture fix. 

So cute it hurts.  Really.