Twenty-one Years and Counting

And right now, my dears, you may be wondering why is she showing me her duck feet and the funny way she stands?  Well, it is not my duck feet I am calling to your attention, but the hiking boots in which they reside.  Because these boots are very important to me.  One (or two) of my most precious possessions; possessions that I would rescue in the event of fire, tornado, or some other routine Oklahoma weather event.  We have been through a lot together, these boots and I, for twenty one years and counting. 

If these boots could talk, they would tell you of their many adventures around the world.  But for now, would you be satisfied with images just from this past weekend?

Because you are very busy, and might be reading this at work. 

 Who me, you ask?!

Yes, you.  So just take a quick stroll along with me.  Enjoy the fresh, clean air.

Appreciate the rugged beauty of this place.

Nature's pattern and rhythm

 Oh, look!  There's Husband.
Hear the crackling crispness beneath your feet.

Get Husband to take your picture and document that you were there

because there are NEVER any pictures of you because you are always the one with the camera.

As long as he has the camera, he takes certain liberties

before I take the camera back.

Along the way, add your offering to the gods...on top of this stone altar you come across,  started by a previous passer-by.

Take one last appreciative look at the terrain of your eight mile trek.

Then collect your reward.

Wait!  No drinking on the job...:)