Little Orphan Annie, by James Whitcomb Riley

 I have a little gift for you, my dears.  This poem, Little Orphan Annie, by James Whitcomb Riley is both a source of great pride and shame for me.  You see, dear readers,  I can recite all of the words in EVERY stanza of this epic poem, with appropriate dramatic flair.

As could both my boys by the time they were six or seven.

Because I would scare the heebie-geebies out of them by reciting it over

and over

and over  

with great dramatic flourish.


Even though it scared them.      Terribly.

Because it was so dramatic.  And I loved it.

And I knew all of the words.

And I loved it.          And knew all of the words.  Oh, I said that.

And at the drop of a hat, or candy corn,  I would recite it.

And I would do it for you now.

But since you are not here

And I am not there

This little pumpkin will do it for me.  (Though, my rendition is ever so much
better       and scarier        and more dramatique.  Still...




(If for some reason you cannot see the video, please return to the home page of P O T A G E R and play it from there.  Enjoy everyone!)

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