I'm going to assume that most of you were not hiking in the Wichita Mountains this weekend.  I didn't run into you if you were.  I did, however, run into him.  I mean literally, I almost ran into him.  And it is all your fault, dear ones.  I was so intent on taking pictures of this beautiful place (some wildflowers to be exact) to share with you that I, well, I just didn't see him, and Husband had to tell me to look up, won't you!  And there he was, just staring at me in a very nonchalant kind of way.  In my experience, buffalo often look nonchalant.

Especially when they are hiding, or resting as the case may be 
or just hanging out in the tall prairie grass
 or strolling with a friend

maybe stopping for a bite to eat.

Then an afternoon nap?

Oh, I should point out that they can be decidedly un-nonchalant if you get too close to one of their little ones

no matter how cute they are

or how cuddly they may look.

As Husband reminded me,

because as you now know,

I am always looking through a camera lens

and not at the big picture             or the big buffalo        who may not like me getting too close to their baby.

So move along Little One, before you get me into trouble with mom     or dad 

or whoever is supposed to be babysitting you. 
Um, now may not be the best time to mention it...

but buffalo meat is absolutely delicious

and nutritious

and you can find out about its availability at Wichita Buffalo Company at Sandy Springs Farms, a great source for buffalo and beef raised in a natural setting.
I'm sorry about the bad timing.          I just thought you might want to know.

Tomorrow......the adventure continues.