This gorgeous picture of my potager (that you may have seen in the header of this blog, and in Mother Earth News) went from here, in this BEEEautiful photo by Rosalind Creasy

to HERE, in her newly published book Edible Landscaping.  What a privilege to be included in such a tome, chock full of gorgeous images, wonderful information, and an evident passion for the topic.

Get yourself a copy, savor every word and delicious idea...and then execute. Plant some herbs in a pot, or many pots

or be more daring and original...intermingle lettuces or purple leafy kale right in your beds

Isn't the effect stunning?  Color echoes EVERYWHERE

Look how gorgeous this Black Seeded Simpson looks with  Phormium 'Oakhurst',
white violas, verbena 'Homestead' and golden oregano.  I'm going to mix in some 'Red Ruby' cabbages in with my pansies this fall.

Keep tuning in to see how it turns out.  For now, tell me how YOU are going to mix in edibles and herbs into your landscapes.