Blue Autumn

I must tell you, blue is not a color I normally associate with fall.  But since it has been a very unusual gardening year, I am looking at things differently.  A paradigm shift.  Not such a bad thing I guess if it motivates one to see things in a fresh and new way.

Just look at this blue beauty  Caryopteris 'Worceshire Gold'.  Not only blue, but golden-leaved as well.  Makes my heart purr, that combination does. 


or buzz as the case may be

then there are the unexpected, out of season, little delights
These precious forget-me-nots forgot what season they were supposed to bloom.

Then I had a surprise visitor.  Just hanging out in the back yard for a while, getting a hose shower because of his dusty leaves.

I don't know what variety it is, but my, is this bromeliad bloom gorgeous, or what?

A more conventional bloomer, but equally appreciated, I promise, is this piercing blue aster.

I believe you've met before.

Representing blue in the container category, is this little blue bell of a torenia.  Very demure   and shy  but still captivating.

And that, dear friends, is about it.  Except for this bit of blue that my hubby says to include even though it isn't in my garden     and does represent fall to him.

And very beautiful as well.  :)

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