Biting the Hand that Feeds You.....errrrr, I mean Publishes You

All right, dear readers.  PLEASE note that it is Friday night, the start to the weekend, and I am not out partying and having a gay ol' time.  (Not that I would be out having a gay ol' time anyway, but that's another issue...)  No, I am here typing out a note to you, my dears, to apologize that the post I sent out LAST NIGHT for you to read this morning          and give you a heads up about my Channel 4 segment THIS AFTERNOON        didn't arrive in your mailbox till after the show was over!        Oops!    And SO NOT MY FAULT!

It would seem that the little magician (or sadistic nerd) that hides behind the cyber-curtain is asleep at the switch or doing maintenance or SOMETHING.....and causing this newbie blogger all sorts of headaches as well as typing in caps and YELLING at you in type  sorry...  And you are the victims of this cruel and senseless negligence.

Or not, depending on your interest or lack there-of in my little blog.  (If you are reading this, and it is Friday night, then  (A)  the glitch must have gotten fixed, and (B)  your social life is as pitiful as mine.

If I DID have a vibrant, carefree, social life I would be doing something like this with Husband:

  "Fairy tales can come true, it could happen to you..."

Just not tonight.  Have a good weekend, dears!