Weekly Prunings September 29

Put a sheen on those pumpkins!  (To better catch those stunning shadows).    Spray those gorgeous beauties with a clear glaze *I used KRYLON crystal clear, triple thick clear glaze this year*  It will make those plump things glisten in the soft autumn light......seems to help preserve them too.

Try out the GARDEN GROOM, a collecting hedge trimmer that captures the trimmings (like my vexing tiny boxwood leaves) as you clip.  It's not necessarily any  easier on your back (if you have to bend like I do!), but goes MUCH faster than my beloved long-handled pruners, and DOES collect those tiny leaves.  If it would just give you a back massage when you're finished.

Keep a LARGE supply of these Chinese take-out containers on hand (in multiple COLORS) for last minute gifts of treats from your kitchen.  I like to color coordinate (duh!) my card/tag/labels to the color of the box.  Oh, I got these at Michael's, but I bet you can find them at a lot of places.
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Run, do not walk, because there's not much time left, to plant some mescalin mix for fall salads.......maybe with some pears and goat cheese and toasted walnuts?  Yum!


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