The Making of a Man......Errrr Scarecrow

In the construction of a scarecrow, it is essential to start out with good bones. Since this scarecrow came with no formal assembly instructions, my husband kindly indicated on the frame where the head should go.  In case I didn't know which end was up.

He was not in a very good mood that day.

In this pre-clothed state, L'il Sis will tell me it looks disturbingly like one of our brothers. She doesn't even have to tell me which one. Cuz I know just which one she's talking about.

He knows it too.

So does everyone else in the family.

After that, you just jump in with your basic fall wardrobe:  classic denim in this case, and burlap, of course.  The new black. 

Dressing your floppy fellow should not be difficult as long as your subject is cooperative and doesn't give you any flack.  I typically don't have any problems. Unless it's windy.  And he gets surly on me and starts flailing about.

In which case I just show him who REALLY wears the pants in the family.

(Though I did find that stuffing that burlap into those jeans, and then zipping them up was, well, just a little disconcerting.....especially with people driving by,  you know what I mean?

Surprisingly, the hardest thing to figure out is the head.  And the hat.  The right chapeau to set the mood.

A jaunty fedora might look dapper and conjure up a Frank Sinatraish vibe

but in this case, the hat is too small and the head is too big. A problem I find typical in so many men.

Then there is the I'll get in touch with my feminine side option, but clearly, the hat is not seasonally appropriate.

At this point I try the traditional, perhaps too conventional, straw hat, but something is still amiss.

I step away to have a better look.

It's not the hat that is the problem. 

It is the head.......the head is clearly too large.

And that, Li'l Sis would say, describes a different male sib in the family.

Hee, hee.                Stay tuned!

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