"I'm so dizzy my head is spinning........"

                                  "I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning
                                   Like a whirlpool it never ends......."
                                                                                                Tommy Roe

Some people multi-task.  I multi-mound.  This is what I do when I get back from a trip, whether for two days or two weeks. Consequently, before I can share any of the goodies from the Garden Writer's conference with you, dear Reader, I have to de-mound. The mound of laundry, mound of mail, mound of pent-up emails and phone messages (that I unwisely waited to tackle until I got home).  Then there is the mound of groceries to buy, the mound of things to find that my men couldn't find, and the mound of things to put back that they did locate.

Not a bad price to pay for a break from the daily routine, just a moundy one.  So when I work my way through them all

get some clarity

re-establish some order

oh, and replace my roof (this one isn't mine, but my, isn't it fabulous, though technically a kind of ceiling, I guess

I'll share with you the passion of these talented people.

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