Front Door Wreathes.......Help, Help Me Do

I'm sure you've been waiting with baited breath.  About what I'm going to do first in my front yard fall makeover.  You were waiting weren't you? 

I can be so needy sometimes.

Well since the power-washing of the porches had yet to be completed...

I thought to myself, "Self, just start by hanging your fall wreath.  It will only take five minutes, and you'll feel like you have a tiny head start on all that remains to be done." 


When I went to the basement to get said wreath, I realized that mice had been there before me.  Eating said wreath.  That was made out of dried grasses and wheaty kind of stuff.  Tasty, I'm sure.

So, on to Plan B, with a little help from the Sunday paper and a coupon from Michaels.  (Sorry, Sunshine, it was closer than H.L.....)  

So I bought one of those galactic-looking, swirly grapevine wreathes, and some fun, fuzzy ball floral stem things (that's the technical term), and made this minimalist (because that's what I'm INTO right now) seasonal wreath.  I like it's Impressionistic vibe, you know?

But here's the dilemma, my Readers.  To bow, or not to bow.  That is the question.  I am not, by nature, a frilly, ribbony kind of person. Except on packages and in the appropriate season.  Or on special people.

And as I said earlier, I am kind of INTO minimalism right now.

Still, I like the way the ivory ribbon echos the color of the ivory puffs, and the way the light color ribbon makes the wreath "pop" from the street.  I just can't decide.

(Nobody knows the trouble I've seen..........)

So in the spirit of delegation and indecision, please make the decision for me.  Wreath or no. You vote. Just like on American Idol, or whatever those shows are that I hear about but never watch.

Still, I want to be hip and in the know, so we're doing this voting thing.  Vote now or forever hold your peace.

Or your bow.
Because this little guy was no help whatsoever.