"........a cute place to have lunch"

If you're like me, and most other red-blooded American women, you spend an inordinate amount of time on any given trip looking for       "a cute place to have lunch".

You know what I mean.  A cute, but not cutesy place, with girly kind of food (farm fresh greens, herbs, vegetables, cheeses and artisanal baked goods to start), and an Etsy, artsy kind of vibe. Beautifully presented food, of course, in adequate, but not super-sized proportions. An outside table with stellar weather makes it perfect. 

Sound familiar, ladies?

Well, if you're ever in Indianapolis, have I got a place for you!  A spiffy little restaurant, replete with fabulous food (I had a portobello and fresh greens and goat cheese scramble with a side salad dressed in a divine Asagio/lemon vinaigrette),

walls papered in artwork produced by patrons

This one is my favorite.

(Your bluebird of happiness is cute too L'il Sis, but I still like the other one better.....


Pedestal after pedestal of cake stand confections....

groovy orange doors and a shabby chic chandelier 

and this cheery bouquet of flowers, compliments of one of their neighbors it looks like.

The only fly in this otherwise lovely ointment? No lingering over coffee.....gotta catch  that plane home.

Thanks, Zest, for such a cute place to have lunch!

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