Thank goodness this roofing business is about over.  I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge how hard these guys worked.  I was very impressed.  Thanks, gentlemen.             Now............

Would you like a glimpse into my world on this Sunday in September?  Some highlights:

I was tucking some little red cabbages ('Ruby Perfection) into my front window-box wherever I could find a spot...(I don't really care that they'll be crowded and unproductive; I just love their rich coloring)  when along came my friend, Miles' Mama, biking back from her book club (say that three times fast!)  Isn't she too cute?

Now I've put her picture in black and white to emphasize a point....and highlight for you this colorful and absolutely darling book bag  that I must now have.  I'm afraid you will want one too.

Do you feel like you are now in Oz and in the colorful world of Munchkinland?  Because that was my intent........though I assure you Miles' Mama is not at all like the Wicked Witch of the West even though she is in stripes.  Boy doesn't that bookbag look cute with those stripes though?

Now I'll have to call the OCMA Museum Store (405-236-3100, cause I looked it up) to see if they still have them.  Cause I want one..........badly.

I am also starting to primp and prune, puff up and plant my front yard.  To tantalize and tease you, I will be revealing different components of my front yard makeover throughout the week.  

Because EVERYONE loves a makeover these days, here's the 'Before' picture

Hmmmmmm.  Wonder what I'll show you first tomorrow? Oh!  One more thing......  

I just opened this email from my hubby

Nothin' like a King Salmon caught in a Michigan Lake to chase the Sunday blues away.  :)   Congratulations, dear.

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