Weekly Prunings

Cute card huh?  Okay, so let's get right to it......(and in a voice that sounds like David Letterman.......)

#1  KODAK Mommy Cards  Even if you're not a mommy, these would make great (and free, yes FREE) calling cards, or business cards, or gift enclosures, or gift tags, or........well, you get my drift.  I made the one above using an image of one of my poppies from last spring (poppies are so ephemeral, it's important to preserve their beauty in some more permanent way, don't you think?)  On the back you can put pertinent contact information if you choose.  You are given only so many design options, but since it's free, I'm not going to complain.  So for only $3.99 in shipping costs, you can have something custom made and kinda special.  I made a different version for L'il Sis and an edgy, black and white version for my college son.  These would make great little gifts....perfect stocking stuffers......and did I say they were free?

#2   Bacon Drippings Storage  Check out this tip from Southern Living about freezing and storing your bacon grease (because that's what it is, after all).  Much to my men's dismay, I don't fry/microwave/oven-bake bacon very often    (you don't see any pretty pictures of frying bacon here do you?), so consequently, I don't have that yummy muck to use for other things I DO like that bacony flavor in.  And I think I'd rather have those delicious, frozen little bacony cubes in my freezer than the rather sad, questionable-looking greasy jar I now keep in the limited real estate of my refrigerator.  Wilted lettuce salad anyone?

#3  As long as we're talking about artery-clogging deliciousness, when was the last time you went to Cattlemen's Steakhouse in OKC's Stockyard City?  Well, friend, that's too long.  I guess that makes me and my boys (NOT my husband who has been EVERYWHERE........especially everywhere there's steak) kind of like those people who live in NYC and never visit the iconic Empire State Building.  It was the first (and for my men, not the last) steak dinner on our recent mini vacation to Santa Fe.  My sons were unequivocal about their steak rankings.........Cattlemen's, even at a much lower price, came in numero uno hands down.

I plan on a repeat visit this autumn, come boot and belt wearing time.

(Which, by the way, cannot come too soon as far as I'm concerned).

#3  If you don't already know her let me introduce you to Pandora Radio, a free internet radio site that you can program and customize by song, artist, genre.........she's really fabulous.  I don't claim to really understand how she works or the description the music genome project, but trust me, try it, you'll like it.  You hipster, computery, in-the-know types probably already know about it.  But for those of you who are like me......and generally clueless about this type of thing, check it out.  :)

#4  As a rule, I like anything that is reliable, cheap, and pretty.  I've been a fan of Wet n' Wild's Lip Pencil #666 in Brandywine for a very long time.  Uber cheap at $.99 (I get mine at Walgreen's), it looks great alone over lip balm, or try it under the also uber-cheap lipstick Violet Shine by NYC cosmetics (at CVS).  It's a real favorite by a lot of ladies apparently.........because it's supposed to look great on everyone. As a matter of fact, when I was in Walgreens yesterday looking for one, a woman also looking at lipwear (is that a word) asked what I was wearing, and she bought one on the spot....an impulse buy for sure.  Not sure yourself?  Hey, at $.99, it's a cosmetic risk worth taking.

And finally, since we're talking big money here... at #5..... this little observation:


And may I ever so meekly ask a favor of you, sweet Reader?  If you like my little blog, would you please forward to someone else who might enjoy it.... or who just needs a little cheering up.....or who might want to know you're thinking of them?  Sometimes I feel like I'm preachin' to an empty church.  Thank you ever so much,  Linda. 

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