School Supplies with some Zazzle

Follow along with me as I tread this inspiration trail.  

Watermelon -- TARGET notebooks and coordinating folders -- Zazzle business cards -- Pink stationery with my bee stamp on it = Sublime coordination of my school supplies

Did you get all that?  (I think somewhere in that lineage was the hot pink shag carpet I had in my teenage bedroom in the seventies, but I'm not exactly sure where it fits in).

Cute, huh?  If you want to check out a wonderful on-line source for inexpensive and classy business cards, check out the selection at ZAZZLE, a great source for all sort of fun items to customize.  Just make sure you're a savvy shopper  before you place your order.  There are always discount coupons for the taking at this coupon code website (just click here) and other sites you can find by just googling Zazzle coupon codes.  

This pink and green combo worked great for me during the spring and summer, but when it turns late summer into fall, I like to have a wardrobe change in my business card attire........without changing my "look" of course.  So guess what I just ordered?  A little hazy.......haven't actually gotten them......but this green, burnt red, black and white number will carry me through fall and into Christmas. 

Now if this palette isn't for you, and you prefer an earthier vibe, try this on for size.  Interesting how it coordinates with my new card design........hmmmmmmm

I feel certain that you could find something in the wonderful world of Zazzle to outfit you for this fall.

All it takes is a little inspiration.

National Watermelon Queen 2010

(Oh, for those who don't know me, that isn't me in the tiara.......)

(Photo courtesy of National Watermelon Promotion Board)

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