Have you noticed I haven't been writing much about gardening lately?  It's just way too hot and discouraging to garden now, or even think about gardening for that  matter, practically or metaphorically.  But I have to fill that gray matter upstairs with something, and my unhappy August garden has made me circumspect about many things, so I've been.....ruminating about this blog......blogs in general for that matter.  Sometimes I wonder if these things are just too narcissistic and self-indulgent.......creative and, hopefully, informative narcissism and indulgence I'll grant you, but still.....blogs are just so self-life-centric, you know? 

I have my own motivations for reading blogs, not least amongst them that I am a hopeless domestic voyeur. I am curious about those things, both large and small, that might be lovely or classy or calming.....things that help us make it through the day and keep the gremlins away.....or at least distract us from them for just a bit. Something to make me say aahhhhhh.

What has been so nice though, about doing this blog I mean, is that by giving you a little glimpse into my world, you have given me glimpses into yours.  I've been getting wonderful emails from people all over who share with me delicious little tidbits of their lives and homes----happy nuggets of little practices and     possessions, little things and thoughts, that constitute their day and make it brighter.

So while I'm not saving lives here (unlike my friend Color Girl who really does), and I'm not saying anything new or covering any unchartered territory, it does seem that a little something is resonating out there.  I am receiving such kind comments from you......saying that they look forward to reading my entries, that they are sending it on to someone who needs a laugh or a smile......that it inspired them in some small way.  

So, thank you, thank you, dear Reader, for spending some time with me.

Continue to share your comments and truly makes my day.  :)

Some more beautiful New Mexico images, anyone?

Tomorrow, sad as it is to leave Santa Fe, vacation's over.  Weekly prunings on the agenda....