A Major Award from Susan Branch

Once upon a time there was a new blog named  P O T A G E R.  The creator of this blog had a mother who long ago befriended a very talented person named Susan Branch.  P O T A G E R  thought that Susan Branch might enjoy her little blog AND her garden (since they both enjoyed mucking around in the dirt) and so she posted a link to her blog on Susan Branch's Facebook page.

To P O T A G E R ' S  surprise and delight, an unexpected package arrived one day with all sorts of goodies from the artist Susan Branch, and an even more delightful and generous hand-written (in Susan's inimitable lettering) note. (Nothing makes an impression quite like a hand-written note.)  In this charming way  P O T A G E R was notified about her very major award (much more useful and less provocative than the Leg Lamp from a Christmas Story major award that Darren McGavin received in the Christmas Story Movie) and the appreciation Susan Branch Studios had for this little blog.

Awe shucks.

( Photo Compliments of A Christmas Story Gift Shop)

I couldn't have done it without you, dear Reader.  

And all my best to you too, Susan.  Thank you.

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