Half Gallon Milk Bottles

I was remiss............... So sorry, folks!  A number of you have requested a source for glass milk bottles.  I bought my square ones many years ago at an antique store, but never fear...........you can easily find all kinds on line (just google "half gallon glass milk bottles") and you'll find many sources, including some great ones on e-bay.  But for the price and selection (and because they come with snap-on caps) I'd recommend Pressure Cooker Outlet.  The little ones for cream are daaaarlingg!!!  And you can order them by the case, or individually...........you can even order extra caps.  My head is spinning with Christmas gift ideas for these little lovelies.  Oh and the prices are great.

There are other kinds and sources through e-bay and some auction houses.  Check these out also........some real charmers out there.

I can't give you a source for the cookies.  You have to bake those yourself.  Bake some for me while you're at it.  Mine are all gone.  :)

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