The Great Escape: Santa Fe

There's got to be a special word for this particular kind of anguish.  You Okies know what I mean. Returning to Oklahoma after spending some blessed time in Colorado or New Mexico.  Not unlike Kubler-Ross' stages of grief.  Follow along with me, and see if you have experienced this:  First, denial (It's so cool and wonderful here, how can it be all that bad when we get back home?)  Second, anger (It's just so unfair!  How can these people live in this exquisitely beautiful place, whilst I the Land of Oklahoma City in August!)  Third, bargaining.  (If I have to, I'll sell my house, my beautiful boys..... escape the heat and live up here..

Then, inevitably, depression.  (It sets in just about the time we're seeing those beautiful mountains in the rear view mirror, and nothing ahead of us but that unending flat expanse of Great Plains, heat, and too many more boring hours of I-40.)
The final stage, acceptance, doesn't show up until about the sixth load of post vacation laundry........after the dead brown grass has been mowed.......and you've pulled out and discarded all the plants that died without your constant hovering (even though your sweet friend, Mr. Sunshine, watered religiously for you in your absence).

Still, at least I got to break away for a few days.  If you did not, dear reader, here is my little vacation photo album (more to come in upcoming posts....) that might make you feel cooler vicariously.

Oh, one more thing.  It's all about the light.  One more time with emphasis.  It's all about the light!  Just look at these images......even by me, Ms. Amateur Photographer.  Georgia O'Keefe knew what she was doing.

I saw this map in an art gallery........yes, the artist  took some interesting geographical liberties.  But I kinda like it.......

Look where Oklahoma is.

If you haven't been back to my main page in a while, please stop by for a visit and see the beautiful photograph of  my potager by Rosalind Creasy, author of THE EDIBLE LANDSCAPE, out in November 2010. potager is in her book........more on this later.