Get Ready, Get Set..........SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

Nothing jettisons you back to your childhood quite like SCHOOL SUPPLIES and that bittersweet time betwixt summer vacation and a new school year.  Fortunately, there was always the happy prospect of new school supplies to take the edge off your anxiety, and ruefully admit, that, maybe, just maybe, going back to school had its upside as well.  After all, is there any other time of the year when you were treated to a brand new lunch box and thermos that made just the right statement for the new you in your new grade?

Well, I may be out of grade school......and my KIDS may be college-bound, but I still swoon at the aisles and aisles of school supplies, reveling in their scent, their colors, their optimism....their very papery-ness, you know what I mean?  (My husband, to this day, does not know that I married him solely because his father, Bud Vater, owned THE store in Enid, Oklahoma, to purchase your back-to-school books and supplies.)  Yes, he was the CRAYOLA KING, the go-to-guy for your every back to school need.  A man with influence.

So make no mistake, my basket is chock full of my favorite School Supplies for 2010, both in-store and on-line.  Check out this list:

I simply MUST HAVE some of this printable Twill Ribbon from PRINT MY RIBBON (check out their will be as smitten as I am.)  "P O T A G E R"  ribbon.....I can just see it......I think I like the natural buff color, do you?

So, moving on down this virtual aisle:

are these incredibly cute, incredibly cheap, incredibly green notebooks, folders, and binders from the greenroom (70%  recycled!) line at TARGET.  Different sizes, styles, colors.........everything your little scholastic heart desires.  More on this line in upcoming posts. 

Now, I have a special affection for composition notebooks.  I guess because I've always liked to write.  So, check out this little $1.00 marvel........

Now, style it with other coordinated school supplies on your must-have list,

like Katherine Hepburn stamps, and cardboard colored stationery

and these wonderful little copper book darts to mark the pages

and any desky type stylista would be thrilled.

Just a couple more things to pick up before you check out.  You must walk the temptation gauntlet of the Dollar Spot aisle in TARGET.  There you will find the cutest little alphabet stamps; teacher stamps too, that might serve a purpose even if you are not of this noble profession.

Just a few things on the list of this very humble gardener with a school supply fetish.....

more to come.........

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