Curriculum for today: Art and Logic

Prepare to be shocked and awed.  Some people are just so unbelievably talented and artistic it boggles the mind.  I may have shared with you that I come from a large family.......okay, a VERY large family and we are scattered hither and yon.  One of my older sisters, I shall dub her Tomboy (because she was quite the tomboy growing up) lives in Yon (I live in Hither, myself), and she is one of these people.  And so are her children........gifted musically, academically, artistically, computerally (?).  Consequently, she recognizes exquisite skill and beauty when she sees it.  This week she sent me these marvelous one-page wonders from a pool of entries for an art contest at the Hirshhorn Gallery of Modern Art in Washington, D.C.  The rule:  only one sheet of paper could be used.

So marvel with me, dear readers, at the brilliance, the dexterity, the originality, and the story behind these one-sheet creations:


wow.....look at this one closely.....

the paper isn't even creased

how the !!!!!

flutter, flutter, flutter


inspired by the show Madmen?

Like so many others, I am obsessed
with that show.  

Now that ATT Uverse finally gets

or maybe Hitchcock......

this theme must lend itself to
this particular medium......

poetry, absolute poetry

do you recognize Australia?  I forgot
that geography would be part of the

I wonder what the weight of the paper is........


Now for your Logic lesson (I loved Logic in college)....
Follow this syllogism if you will:

If the garden ain't happy, Mama ain't happy

If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy       therefore

If the garden ain't happy, ain't nobody happy

Such is the nature of a gardener's world       agree?