Company's Coming!

If you saw someone running up and down the street naked as a jaybird this morning, it was me.

IT FINALLY RAINED LAST NIGHT, AND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 43 DAYS THE TEMPERATURE FELL BELOW 90 degrees! (probably even 100 degrees, but who's apparently.)

So to celebrate this auspicious event, and because company's coming, I went and bought a whole bunch of plants  (yes, finally the nurseries are restocking for fall...the people working there were absolutely giddy at the cooler temperatures.  Trust me, they had gotten pretty surly, but then, so had I.....and so had you...don't try to deny it.)

Once I get organized, I'll take lots of pics of my new green friends to show you, but for now, rest assured, my leafy friends are patiently awaiting their new locations and hanging out together on my front porch.  Probably playing guessing games about who's coming, wondering what all the fuss is about and when the guests will arrive.  But I have informed them in no uncertain terms that they will be in their assigned spots before company comes and that they are to stand up straight and fly right. 

And no misbehaving!  No constant pestering for another drink of water before bed.  No staying out in the hot sun too long and getting sunburned and then complaining to me about it.  No pushing and shoving and bullying each other. And by all means,  get along with the old-timers who have been here for years.  Just mingle with one another, get settled in place, and be ready to perform when the dignitaries arrive.

She'll probably arrive first.....

He won't get here till a little later....about the same time as the pumpkins

the last two won't be here until the middle of October. 

Boy, am I ready for their company.  Until then....... 

Hey!  Hey!  Nobody invited you, Abert!

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