Your Personal Tulip Tutor

I like to think that I am a woman of substance, with many good qualities to commend me.  I am fairly intelligent, have a productive, beautiful potager, a very accomplished extended family,  and I gave birth to very pretty babies (now boy-men). Still, I have this ever-present nagging feeling that................

People only love me for my tulips.

In the spring, countless cars with unfamiliar faces in them drive by............very slowly.   If I spot them while working in the front yard, or walk out front after being inside, they usually speed up, then drive around the block until I go back inside.  They don't want to see me or talk to me.  They just want to gawk  at my tulips.  Sometimes, when they see me looking at them, they get unnerved,  fearful that I think they might be stalkers, or are staking out my house for a future caper. They will shout "What a beautiful yard!"  Yeah, right.  Mother Nature and her tulips get all of the credit.  What about me?  After all,  I was the one who planted every one of those six hundred beauties. 

Still, I am not bitter.  

To prove it, I am willing to share my secrets.  My tulip secrets.  I will be your sherpa, guiding you through the dizzying, often intimidating world of tulips......and bulbs in general if you like.

So, my dears,  here is a tease.  Have your pen and paper handy tomorrow, and I will share my best and most frequently requested tulip tips with you.

Allow me to introduce myself.........for those needing instruction,  I am your personal tulip tutor.