Why the Heck Are You Talking About Tulips Now?

Why the heck am I blogging about tulips now (in the middle of summer!), you ask?  Well let me back up, and start again.

I have a boyfriend.  Let's call him John-boy.  (Not in a Walton-y kind of way, but in a boy-toy kind of way, because he is ever so much fun to spend time with, has exquisitely good taste, and is annoyingly right about many things.....).  So I get an email from him about, not just one, but TWO of my blog posts.

Which leads me to my first ever "the publisher regrets the errorcorrection here.  The spelling of Vega-meta-mitamen (as spelled in my post of July 6, George I hardly knew you.......) is, well, apparently wrong.  John-boy corrected this misrepresentation by telling me the correct spelling is vita - meat -avegamin, and that he should know.  He told me that in 1989 he spent the afternoon with Lucy's sister and nephew.  Or as John-boy told me:

"1989 Lucille and Cleo were "raised as sisters" but Cleo Smith was actually Lucille's first cousin. Anyway, Cleo was still quite attractive in '89, same pretty lips and high cheekbones. Her husband Cecil was a journalist for the L.A. Times, so the numerous photos in their house reflected the connections to Hollywood and the celebs of the time. Have you ever been to San Miguel Allende?  Remote location in the high desert, historical, charming, beautiful haciendas and gardens, full of writers and artists, many Europeans and Americans. It's been almost 20 yrs since I last visited  :-( "

Obviously, John-boy wants to go back to Mexico.  Anyway, you've GOT to love a man that would know such a thing, and who hangs out with celebrity sibs.  Which is one of the reasons he is my boyfriend.  Which leads me to comment number two he sent me, "Non-gardeners will want to know why you are talking about tulips NOW."

Well, he is right.  One can accuse me of many things, but being seasonally incorrect is not one of them.  So, I tell him (and you, dears) that if you want to get the really good selections and varieties of tulips from the mail-order catalogs before they sell out, you need to order them in the next few weeks.  Nothing is worse than having your tulip choices all figured out for next spring, and then they are out of your favorite variety.  (Well, there might be a FEW things worse, but not many......) 

So, right now go to John Scheepers, Inc. and order their Beauty from Bulbs catalog. Also request the Van Engelen Inc. catalog (both places can send you both catalogs; they are sister companies ------ Van Engelen is the wholesale price list for large quantities ---- with its better prices, it is usually the one I order from ----- but the Scheepers catalog has the pretty pictures, so get both  :) )  Or, of course, you can just look on-line, but I am not that kind of person.

And THAT'S why I am talking about tulips now.  So tomorrow, get your supplies, think about what colors you like, how tall you want them, and which ones go with your house.......etc. etc. etc. (why do I always here the voice of Yul Brenner in my head when I type those words.....etc., etc. etc.?)

Thank you, John-boy for your comments.  Oh, dear readers, I am getting all sorts of great feedback on my posts, mostly in the form of emails.  But I want your wonderful remarks to be shared with other readers, so why not post them as a comment?  That way, everyone can enjoy them!  So, here's my challenge for today's post: leave me a comment after you read this!

..........and thank you, John-boy.  :)

And may I ever so meekly ask a favor of you, sweet Reader?  If you like my little blog, would you please forward to someone else who might enjoy it.... or who just needs a little cheering up.....or who might want to know you're thinking of them?  Sometimes I feel like I'm preachin' to an empty church.  Thank you ever so much,  Linda.