July 29, 2010

Sweet Basil Pesto from the Potager

I've said it often enough......if it weren't for zinnias, sunflowers, and basil in the dead of summer, I'd go crazy.  I kind of go crazy anyway, but that's because of the heat and humidity.  Here it is almost August, and my oldest son has been asking me and asking me       When are you going to make pesto?! Well, finally the slow-poke basil, stymied by the hail and flood, is now performing in sufficient quantities to make a LARGE batch of pesto........which is the only size that works around here.
So let's pick some sweet basil.......
Ignore the other types, just cut the sweet basil........
Yes, this tiny pot of boxwood basil is cute, but save it for a garnish.......even though it tastes just like the sweet stuff
okay......you can bring it in to keep you company, just because it's soooo cute
the big one is nice too in its mossy Guy Wolfe pot

Wash the pretty basil.........the smell of summer     then gather your ingredients:  Basil, of course, Walnuts (because I had them, and I didn't have any pine nuts which are more expensive, anyway.....) Garlic (lots), Parmesan (and Romano if you have it, which I didn't), salt

oh........I forgot.......toast the walnuts

they smell pretty dern good too

put your pasta water on to boil.......I like penne pasta with my pesto (alliteration too, it appears...) this SmartTaste brand is great because it has a TON of fiber in each serving.........then just put as much as you want of each ingredient in the food processor......and give it a whir
penne cooked al dente?
green, glisteny.......gluttony soon to follow

what'd I tell you?           Now serve this delicious yellow watermelon that Sunshine brought over

and there you have it.  The first pesto of the summer......there you go, son!


  1. Try it on wheatberry toast or an english muffin. I also put it on my husband's ham sandwiches for lunch with Miracle whip and cucumbers. The real plus is that if you have a bumper crop of basil, pesto freezes quite well.
    Also, I think the variety of basil you are using might be Genovese (???). I use it for pesto because the leaves are bigger than other basils and you don't have to pick as many leaves for a big batch. True? I defer to the expert!

  2. Absolutely! Genovese is the best, but in a pinch I'll use other big-leaved varieties. Sounds like you're quite the cook, so I'll defer right back! As long as it turns into pesto, and is consumed and enjoyed, I guess that's what counts. The first recipe I ever used for pesto actually had yogurt in it ...........it came from an Italian whose father produced EVOO and imported it to the States......and it was delicious! So many recipes, so little time..........! All of your uses sound scrumptious!


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