John Adams and Dill with Roasted Red Pepper Dip

Something of a mental leap isn't it?  John Adams and dill dip, I mean.  Let me explain the connection.
On the eve of the 4th of July, I started watching the HBO special on John Adams.  One thing led to
another, one episode led to another, and well, I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning completely captivated by John and Abigail.  (I kind of have a thing for our Founding Fathers.  I even dream about them,
which my husband finds mildly disturbing.  I assure him it is nothing unseemly.)

Soooo, the next day I was a little hungover, historically speaking that is, and didn't have the energy
to prepare anything too complicated or time-consuming to bring as an appetizer to our friends' house later that day.

Here's where the Dill with Roasted Red Pepper Dip comes in.  Very easy and quick.  Just my style.
And I always have a lot of dill about now.

You can find the recipe on the inside of the box of  cream cheese (which, as I've said, is a food group unto itself).  I like to double the recipe, because it's great on sandwiches as a spread  (reminds me of pimento cheese, but oh so much fresher and healthier).  Put it on reeeaaaallly soft Wonder-type white bread.  Delish!  Sticks to the roof of your mouth.  You'll need milk.

Oh, excavate your food processor if you haven't used it in a while.....

and assemble these few ingredients:

the delicate dried dill seed.  Save this for something else.

Then, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper too.  I just pretty much do all of the ingredients to taste, but
if you are a stickler for detail, refer to the box recipe.

Here we go:

Roast the red pepper on your gas stove (or broiler, if you are afraid of fire).

While it is still black, beautiful, hot and steamy, put it in a paper sack to
cool and loosen the skin.  Use the sack to slough off the skin (I know you know how to do this, forgive me). Remove the stem and seeds.

Put the pepper, cream cheese, peeled other words, everything

into the food processor and whir.

"Such a pretty color", the Food
Network hostess would say.

Yes it is, and it kind of looks like
pimento cheese spread, I think.

Serve it with vegetables or crackers or chips or pita.......or whatever sounds good or you have on hand.

Everyone should really enjoy it.  In fact,

I think one of these wheat thins with dip is what John may have stashed in those chubby little
cheeks of his.  I hope he saved some for Abigail.

 And may I ever so meekly ask a favor of you, sweet Reader?  If you like my
 little blog, would you please forward to someone else who might enjoy it.... or who just needs a little cheering up.....or who might want to know you're thinking of them?  Sometimes I feel like I'm preachin' to an empty church.  Thank you ever so much,  Linda.                

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