July 25, 2010

Friday Prunings......on Sunday

Just to demonstrate that I am not completely unreliable, I am giving you, belatedly, Friday Prunings....on Sunday.  Better late than never, especially because these are some pretty good tips, if I do say so myself, and I do.  So, here we go:

Oh, and I'll blame my post-less Friday on Linda Cavanaugh, because I did a segment on KFOR (to watch it, click here) that day, so of course I didn't have the time to do my post.  (Just pretend you buy that excuse)

  • Join the Home Depot Garden Club and take advantage of their coupons, information, and DIY tips.  In all honesty, I've only taken advantage of the coupons because I am too impatient to read through the other stuff............but, you might feel otherwise.......so check it out for me please.  Right now there is a coupon for organic fertilizer if I'm not mistaken.      
  • Use a basket of these beautiful, jewel-colored plums as a centerpiece for your table.  Even if you're NOT having company.  My friend Bubba at Southern Living took this luscious picture at a Farmer's Market in Birmingham.  I replicated the all-plum and peach idea in my kitchen on a three tier wrought iron plate holder next to my sink.  Every day the tasty mounds get smaller though...

  • My eyes have been giving me fits this year, and I have been rubbing and gouging them entirely too much.  Consequently, my eyelashes started to thin out and I began to look at some of these thickening and lengthening products.  I decided to try Rapidlash available at CVS and on-line. (You can check out some reviews here at Dermastore).  I've been using it for about three weeks, and by golly, it really seems to work!  It's a lot less expensive than the prescription Latisse, and I'm very pleased.  Give it a try, ladies.  From what I hear, eyelashes are the new lips.  

  • As long as we are talking beauty talk, Spitfire says this about Post Gardening Hair Trauma:   "All of us gardeners have been there – work, work, work and then – poof! There is a husband or a friend saying,” Let's go out and do …(whatever) ”  There is no salvaging sweat ridden hair – or is there?????   I say YES!! Salvation is here in the form of OJON Rub-Out Dry Cleanser (available at Sephora online).  You shake it up, shake your head like a wet dog, simultaneously spraying it all over.  Result, clean smelling, loads of volume, hair.  I look like a chrysanthemum. However, I have moisture sensitive hair.  I have a home in South Carolina and neighbors there estimate humidity percentages by the diameter of my hair.  Normal hair people just look freshly washed.  I recommend it for all but the bashful chrysanthemums."

          Well, there you go.  Sounds like an endorsement to me.

  • My final tip comes from a horticulturalist at the Dallas Arboretum:   " Your mulch should never be more colorful that your flowers."    I wholeheartedly agree.  Happy Sunday, Everyone.

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