July 13, 2010

As Promised.........

All you need to know about gardening in Oklahoma today is this:  don't do it.  It's too hot, too humid,
too buggy, too yucky.   Flat out miserable.

Do think about......................tulips, daffodils, muscari, bluebells and hyacinths.  Because it's a much
more delightful enterprise right now, and because next week, we'll talk about what to order, how many, and what colors.              Did that chase the crankiness away?  Just for a moment?  Maybe?

I thought not.  So how about this

the promised replacement for my potted dead laurel!  A beautiful standard Fruiting Pomegranate
'Wonderful' topiary.  No flowers or fruit right now, but oh what lovely form.

Now show everyone your back side

just as pretty as the front, even in harsh morning light.

I'll mulch it heavily this winter, and hopefully it
will like living with me for a while, maybe gifting
me with one of its beautiful burnished red fruits.

Now wouldn't THAT chase the gardening blues away......


  1. It should be very happy living with you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I had a couple of guesses in my head, but a fruiting pomegranate topiary was a total surprise, what fun! It is beautiful.

  3. Your pomegranate and backyard look beautiful! I learned from you to appreciate the different colors of green this time of year!

  4. kclily, I'm crossing my fingers!

  5. let us know when harvest time arrives so we can celebrate with pomegranate martinis


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