And Now for Mr. Jefferson

Welcome, my friends, to Monticello

You have no doubt been wondering where the great Thomas Jefferson would fit into my historical ravings.  Well, I have saved the best for last.  You see, my oldest son attends the University of Virginia.
Yes, THAT University of Virginia.  The one founded by our third president.  The one with the
famous Lawn and Rotunda.  The one mentioned on Jefferson's tombstone.  The one in Charlottesville, VA.........the one in the breath-takingly beautiful rolling hills of Albemarle County.

Last fall during Parents' Weekend we visited this beautiful area............the grounds at the University of Virginia, Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's home, of course), Ashland-Highland (James Monroe's home),  and Montpelier (James Madison's crib).  This early American history buff was swooning, I must tell you.
And the landscape,             and the gardens,      and the trees and mountains and vineyards.  Oh my.

 So here, dear readers, let me show you a bit of Jefferson's "little mountain", Monticello...........
and his famous gardens.

Take a visual tour of this magnificent place in the images below.  Click on Links below, then just browse, or better yet, watch as a slide show.  (Yes, I spent a LONG time in
the garden center and brought back lots of seeds.......)

Such a beautiful setting, Jefferson's Little Mountain.  So beautiful it made my heart hurt.  Does that ever happen to you?