Spills from a Happier Time.........or how to create and control your OWN spill

If you're like me, I can hardly bear to hear or watch the news about the oil spill (or GUSH) from the Gulf.  So I am conjuring up happier spills from the past, like

these huge sunflowers spilling out of an Oklahoma field, or

this climbing 'Old Blush' rose spilling over my studio roof, or

this gorgeous golden oregano cascading over and between the flagstone, or

these tiny 'Jetfire" daffodils jumping out of this Dublin windowbox, or

the awesome Colorado River spilling out of the Grand Canyon, or

one younger brother spilling over another older brother, and both boys (ahem, men) spilling off the chair.

Take control:  create your own fabulous, natural, wonderful spill...............order some daffodils,
plant a rose or some herbs, go to Dublin, have some kids (well, let's not go overboard)........but,
you get my drift.  Create something lovely to spill over into your world, or someone else's.

It will make you feel better.