June 8, 2010

Ode to the Radish

               To market, to market,

to buy a fat 

well, no actually...............................I was there for those little rosey globes to the left...................                                                                                                                                                       

those peppery, pink, pods of flavor...........the often overlooked, humble radish.  Frequently overshadowed by their more popular companions on the crudite platter, these radishes are delicious, full of vitamin C, calcium, and fiber.  But that isn't necessarily why I buy them.   Maybe it's because they are sold by

smiling, beautiful vendors like this....................or because they are displayed so exquisitely with other crunchy delicacies like these

(don't you just love the way they cuddle up against the bok choy?)  Or because at the Fayetteville, AR Farmer's Market their is an artist

a Mr. Edmondson, I presume (oh, and his handsome son) who have elevated the lowly radish

to a whole new level.  A new art form really.

Radish as fine sculpture.  Radishes, not to be mistaken for these

more worldly beets.  (That also might make for fine sculptural material;  I just wouldn't know.)

No, radishes hold a special place in my heart.  So much so, that I grew these beauties

Radish 'English Rose' (are you thinking about Princess Di?  I was. So sad.) this spring.

But back to the radishes at the market on


It's time to stop taking pictures of radishes

stop admiring how they match their tablecloths :)

stop mourning their fleetingly short season

and just           take them home again

 home again

and enjoy.

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