June 23, 2010

Inside-Out Carrot Cake Cookies

Something about orange is just so cheery, don't you think?  And inspirational.  So when a great kindness
was done for me, I wanted to say thank  you with something cheery and, well,  carroty.  Hence, these absolutely scrumptious  Inside-out carrot cake cookies (just click for the recipe) from the Epicurious website.  If you, like me, always have cream cheese (isn't it a food group all by itself), honey, raisins, and all of the usual baking
suspects, on hand............

 then just pick up some of these beauties and you too have the makings for
these heavenly carroty confections.  Oh, there's golden raisins and walnuts too.

Then, if your sons and their friends don't eat them all..................

display them in something befitting the initial kindness

with a cute tag in explanation, of course,

wrap with color coordinated tissue....

and these little beauties never looked, or tasted,  so good.

Thank you, you know who.


  1. You are so very welcome. What an incredibly beautiful thank you. Thank you. Will you share the recipe?

  2. Just click on the words Inside-Out Carrot Cake Cookies, and it will
    link you to the recipe. Enjoy!

  3. Wish I was sitting in your kitchen while you were baking! And that you know who is an angel and deserved those cookies! She is a dear! Miss you both!


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