Attitude Platitudes

Well, there it was.  I had posted a couple of days ago that an attitude adjustment was in the forecast, though I hadn't formally penciled it in on my calendar.  Attitude adjustments, unlike dental appointments and paying your AT&T Uverse bill, don't lend themselves to dates and times, but do need to be circumscribed by time in some way, at least for me.  I'm still trying to decide if an appropriate mourning period has past for all of the love's labor lost in the recent hail storm.  My hairy-legged men certainly think so.  They are tired of all of the moaning and wailing over the destruction of that damn hail and are ready for me to return to my typical sunshine and rainbow self (oh, YEAH, I can hear them saying), and

....start going to the grocery store and cooking again.  All things do come down to food after all. In my defense, however, three of our cars were totaled after the storm, and chores like grocery shopping are not as easily accomplished when sharing one car with one's two teenage sons.  (In the interest of full disclosure, under the best of weather circumstances, I hate to go grocery shopping.  Cooking I enjoy, pushing a cart around in a frigid mega-store, not so much.)

Now, where was I?  Oh, attitude adjustment.  In kind of a hazy way, I penciled it in loosely, sometime towards the end of this week.  It was wedged in between don't think about it too much referring, of course to this blog, and it's okay to look stupid and make a lot of mistakes in front of people,  again referring to this blog.  I guess that means that by next Monday, Memorial Day, I will need to put my big girl panties on (as my Li'l Sis would say) and get down in a serious way to restoring and recapturing the beauty of my garden.  Or its potential for this year anyway.  If you are an obsessed gardener, what other choice is there, really?

So I will heed the admonishment of every happiness book/blog/magazine/seminar out there and start by being grateful for what I do have.  I will list some of them here.  One for each of the five people following this blog.

(1)  That my friend who works in the outside garden section at Home Depot calls me when they get a
       new shipment of the clipped boxwood and hollies I like.

(2)  That even though so much was leveled in the storm, I can still plant zinnias and sunflowers and basil
       and have cut flowers for late summer.

(3)  That my husband has REALLY stepped up his grilling technique with the use of one of those metal
       charcoal chimneys you can find at  (see Home Depot, above).

(4)  That the morning light is still soft and magical, and if you squint just right you can pretend it was
      all just a bad dream.

(5)  Finally, that our gardens are resilient, just like gardeners, some of whom have an attitude
      adjustment scheduled for later this week.

Oh.................and some pretty pictures for reading this post.  :)      Look for my rudebeckia on page 12 of the June 2010 issue of Southern Living...........a Best of the South selection